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Activist Fund

We provide the most talented and experienced financial professionals with the tools and access to succeed in any market. Our investment technique discovers undervalued assets, utilizes proprietary risk management statistical models, adapts to the ever-changing global landscape, performs in-depth due diligence, and executes as efficiently as possible.

Long/Short Fund

Our flagship fundamental alpha-generating equity fund. We deploy team members over a range of sectors and regions to identify investment opportunities in sectors ranging from technology to healthcare to telecommunications, worldwide.

Fixed Income/Debt

We generate alpha and stable income via a portfolio of corporate bonds, high-yield bonds, convertible bonds, and credit derivatives.
Our fixed income investment team is focused on generating stable returns and adapting to global macro-economic conditions. We rely on central bank knowledge, in-depth company analysis, and a balanced portfolio to maintain proper risk management in an uncertain world.

Venture Capital

Ulysses Venture Capital Fund invests in rapidly growing startups with global aspirations. We support mission-driven founders with big ideas and a vision for the future.
Ulysses Venture Capital Fund offers flexible capital, investing $50,000 to $1 million early, primarily in seed or pre-Series A rounds, when we can build strong relationships with founders. We support and financially sponsor startups, pursuing follow-on investments of up to $10 million towards IPO and beyond.
Ulysses Venture Capital Fund is long-term, patient capital without LPs and without fund maturity, eager to build strong long-term partnerships.

Real Estate & Commodities

Ulysses’ real estate portfolio includes equity and collateralized mortgages in both commercial and residential properties.
Our commodities fund specializes in crude oil, refined oil, agricultural products, and natural gas trading. Our portfolio managers have years of experience generating alpha in both physical and financial commodities markets.